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You trusted us your exerience with infrared heating

Infrared panels - Sunlife Art - Ekosen

We have already equipped more than ten thousand homes, offices, apartments, apartment buildings and hotels with Ekosen infrared panels. What do users say about the infrared heating experience? Find out first hand.

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- professional cyclist -

Costs with Ekosen infrared panels are 3 times lower than with a heat pump. Annual consumption is up to 280 €.

Marcos Tavares

Marcos Tavares

- professional football player -

Time is very important for athletes. With the IR panels I just type in the temperature and the house is heated.f


Tina Prah

- satisfied user -

The cost of electricity consumption has been reduced by at least 40% due to Ekosen infrared panels.
Infrared heating panels - Infrared panels Ekosen
Infrared panels, infrared heating - Ekosen

»A few years ago we decided to build a house and found a suitable location in Polzela. It all started with the fact that before starting construction, it is necessary to choose a suitable house plan that will be suitable for a family of four. We are extremely satisfied with INFRARED-heating and we recommend it to everyone who decides between different heating options, as everything is very easy and manageable. This is the heating of the future. Maybe in the future we will also build a solar power plant and thus provide our own source of energy.«

All the details of the house were thoroughly analyzed. When preparing the project documentation, all the architects advise you to use underfloor heating and heat pump to heat the house. Of course you need space or the boiler room where the entinfrarede installation is installed. That seemed kind of unnecessary to us. Given that we had two INFRARED-panels in the apartment before, we knew how INFRARED-heating works. Ekosen has prepared a draft plan for the implementation of INFRARED-heating of our house, so we were able to prepare the electrical installation during construction. At the same time, it is necessary to implement a method of heating sanitary water in each house. Here, too, we have streamlined the matter and installed an OGB Smart water heater 100 l in the lower bathroom, which is in the middle of the house, and all hot water consumers have short lines and minimal heat loss.


The house, together with the garage, has 12 rooms, which use Ekosen’s Sunlife Premium INFRARED-panels for heating, all of which are mounted on the ceiling. Temperature control of each room is with INFRARED Sun regulator. We started heating the house in October 2020. The heating season is slowly coming to an end and when we reviewed the costs and consumption of electricity for heating, it amounted to approximately 3,000 kWh for the entinfrarede heating season, 360 euros. When planning for the house, we also decided to install a chimney in the house and to install a finfraredeplace in the living room of the house. With finfrarede we can conjure up a different feeling of homeliness in the house. The cost of finfraredewood was about 150 $ this season. The total cost of heating is about 510 euros, which is much less than the informative calculation of consumption for INFRARED-heating. However, it is true that the house is well insulated (facade 16 cm, attic ceilings 35 cm). What were our basic decisions for the implementation of INFRARED-heating in the house:


– INFRARED-heating mode that heats the room to the exact desinfrareded temperature

– Warranty conditions (warranty period on Premium panels 12 years and mode of operation that does not requinfrarede future service or maintenance)

– Ekosen’s participation in the project from consulting, offer to final implementation and system start-up

– Significantly lower investment than in other heating systems

– Heating cost


»INFRARED heating is among the useful ones on the rise. There are at least three reasons. The investment for heating is among the lowest, this type of heating is very comfortable and requinfraredes vinfraredtually no maintenance. This method of heating is primarily intended for main heating, but you can use it to reheat certain rooms. INFRARED-heating has been a constant at the Lenart Health Center since 2012, and they are very satisfied with this type of heating."

Dr. Kramberger, why did you decide to heat with infrared panels at the Lenart Medical Center?

“We decided for the first infrared panels because we had problems with space heating. We never reached a room temperature above 16 ° C. Our certified safety engineer informed us about the advantage of heating with infrared panels. The original guideline was to make as much money as possible with the lowest possible input costs. This has come true for us with the installation of infrared panels. “

How do employees and customers feel in rooms heated by infrared panels?

“The feeling of being in a room heated by infrared panels is extremely pleasant. All objects in the room have the same temperature, the floor is not colder than higher in the room, the floor gives the feeling of underfloor heating. You can move around the room barefoot. Later, we installed infrared panels in the women’s office, in the children’s and schoolchildren’s office, and in one of the general outpatient clinics. “

Why do you think infrared panels were the right choice for you?

“With infrared panels, we save more than 60% in heating costs at a time when there is no heating season or when the heating season is over and it is already or still cold outside. Just think how much of an added value this is in a children’s clinic. We had mold problems in one of the clinics. We also solved this problem by installing infrared panels. When heated with infrared panels, the walls dry out, which also means better insulation and energy savings for heating. In one of the offices, we solved the problem of the old method of heating by installing infrared panels, which would otherwise mean a major intervention in several rooms, which are in use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. “

Is there any difference between infrared-heating and your previous heating method?

“The difference is amazing, the best answer to such a question is: “come and feel!” The objects in the room are all equally warm, it gives us a feeling of natural warmth, there is no noticeable temperature difference between the floor and ceiling, the floor is warm as underfloor heating. There is also no smell of moisture in the room, because there is none. 

Where did you buy the panels and are you happy with the seller?

“We bought the infrared panels from Ekosen. We were very pleased with the seller and the contractors. The attitude of all employees towards the customer is professional. Our activity is specific and we can’t just close the surgeries as one would like, so we agreed with the installers on the installation for each room individually. This is also a great added value. “

It is known that infrared heating is affordable. What are your costs?

“Our costs have been reduced by the value that Ekosen presents in the initial talks and in the offer. And another thing. Ekosen goes a long way with technology. In one of our premises, the first generation infrared-panels were replaced with the last generation infrared-panels. That also says a lot about satisfaction.”

Would you recommend Sunlife infrared panels to others?

“Of course. We are happy to show our heating method to everyone who is interested: future individual, certainly satisfied and proud, owners, institutions, private schools… Last but not least, some members of my immediate and extended family also decided to use this heating method. However, I recommend this type of heating to anyone who does not want to “freeze” in a cold and humid bathroom before and after the heating season. “

Infrared heating Sunlife One - Infrared panels Ekosen
Infrared heating panels, heating panels Ekosen
New era of heating - The most convenient way of heating - Infrared panels Ekosen

»I have known the company Ekosen, which sells Sunlife panels, for several years. I follow their statements and developments, which are definitely going in the right direction. That's why they also developed the infrared Sun regulator, which saves us another 30%. Ekosen is a company of the present and the near future and is number one on the Slovenian market at selling Sunlife panels. Allow yourself a professional approach and I am sure that you too will become a satisfied customer of Ekosen.«

»Aleš Babič, director of Ekosen, is the engine of the company he built into a very strong and successful company. I have known him for about 10 years and he remains a person who always sticks to hhis words. Before he achieved success, he walked a path where he believed in himself and trusted in success.

He had to give up many things that Ekosen is today where it belongs on the Slovenian market. He found a team to help him on the common path today. Of course, people are also appropriately rewarded for the work they do. In short, the company operates according to the latest standards of soft management. This is also the reason for the success of Ekosen who sells Sunlife panels. A little was missing and I would have been part of this team myself. I believed in the success of the company, but I was involved in other businesses that bring me some passive income today.

I was also looking for a heating solution in the fall of 2016. My wife Alenka and I moved to Pohorje. We did not have heating yet, because we used the house as a summer residence. Where we are, we are increasingly enjoying nature. I was also more thin with financial resources. I was looking for a solution, and winter was knocking on my door.

In the bussiest times when Aleš Babić tries more than 10 hours a day he visited us. He took time for us. He provided professional advice and came to our aid in distress. He showed his big heart. The person who works this way is himself the director of Ekosen, a company with Sunlife infrared panels. It is no wonder that Ekosen is a successful company under his leadership.

We agreed to test the heating and also cover the costs when we can. Thanks to Ekosen and Aleš for the favorable offer. Thank you for me being able to test the value and benefits of Sunlife panels as a user. As you know, the winter in January is harsh. Even down to minus 18 celsius on Pohorje. A whole month in ice and cold. My darling and I are nice and warm. They assembled everything in time. We also reached a temperature of over 23 degrees in a wooden house that has thin insulation. We didn’t even know it was so cold outside. Expense for our square footage is around 50 € per month. Thermostatic switching on and setting the temperature as desired. These Ekosen Sunlife panels are very economical and heat objects, not air. This is something completely different. Infrared heat is healing for the body and penetrates into the tissue up to 5 cm deep and heals.

We passed the test and we were very pleased with the method of heating we chose. Thanks again to Ekosen for this presentation in one of the coldest winters since I have lived. It worked very well. We passed the test with distinction. Someone would say. There is firewood around on Pohorje. That’s true. But the stove, pipes and radiators are also an expense before you burn wood, even if they lie around. There is something else. You turn on the thermostat and deal with your darling instead of the wood. You enjoy life in a different way.

I have business partners who moved from Budapest to Subotica and burned wood all winter. It was even colder there than on Pohorje, over minus 20. They said that the window froze inside the bathroom, even though they were burning wood. They had a very difficult experience that they will probably never forget. Life goes on and we go with it, so do my friends.

Ekosen with its director is a real company that knows how to listen to even the most demanding client. Aleš Babič is trustworthy and I warmly recommend him when you choose heating. You will receive free professional advice with all calculations, depending on the thickness of the insulation. Without this, no panels would be sold to you.

When they supported us, they also supported our social enterprise, which has a similar purpose in the field of nutrition and self-sufficiency. You can find us at and

One more thing for the end. Aleš is also the author of several books. I read one, the title is: “Why we are loosing money”. I highly recommend this and other books, you can always learn something new. Take a look at his media interviews, where he answers many questions professionally. “


»We are very satisfied with the installation of the panels, as they are mounted without visible interference on the walls. All installation takes place under the surface of the walls, without visible channels. Friendly installers are technically savvy. They do the work professionally and accurately. We have been using the infrared-heating system for many years. Our guests are very satisfied. The feeling in the apartments is the same as pampering yourself on a sun terrace. In addition, we saved as much as 60% on electricity consumption."

Ekosen - Infrared heating panels IR Sun Regulator
Installing infrared heating panels doesn't require much interference into space - Infrared heating Ekosen

»My wife and I decided years ago after the urging of Marjan Grah, who also demonstrated the product to us at home, to buy infrared-panels. We are pleased to note that it was the right choice, as the price of this heating is comparable to wood heating, the difference is that there is no maintenance, the air is cleaner, so we are very satisfied and to all those who do not have this method of heating we warmly recommend it.«


»I use a Sunlife infrared-panel. We have it installed on the ceiling in the bathroom to heat the room. When you get to the bathroom, you don’t even notice it because it’s quiet and discreet. The warmth is as pleasant as when the sun warms you. The bathroom is heated, the floor, walls and everything else, and even mold has not appeared. After thorough consulting from Jake Ambrožič, I decided for the company Ekosen.«


»We have been using the panels for many years. Assembly and installation were carried out quickly and virtually without visible traces. We have the panels in a two-bedroom apartment with ceilings and they are almost invisible. The operation is quiet, discreet. We especially like the fact that we can regulate the temperature in each room in our own way. I must especially point out the costs, which are definitely lower compared to other heating methods. These winter days, the electricity bill is 60-80 euros higher per month, but we have the panels turned on day and night at an average temperature of 21 degrees. I definitely recommend the use of Ekosen heating panels to heat the apartment. "

ekosen services

Testimonials of satisfied users

Some infrared heating users have shared their experience in video format. We have published some of these statements here on the ekosen  website.

The most aestetic heating of all - Infrared heating panels Ekosen
Infrared panel satisfied user, Marcos Tavares - Ekosen
Infrared heating panel satisfied users - Ekosen

»When I came across heating with infrared-panels, I followed the matter for a while. I read the opinions of other users and followed a lecture by a German professor. It soon became clear to me that it should work very well. Since the oil stove was already worn out, my wife and I decided to switch to heating with infrared-panels. I definitely recommend this heating to anyone who is considering changing the heating method. "

We have been heating with this metod for several winters now and in our experience I would never heat an apartment in any other way. Heating costs were cut in half. The heat is natural, very similar to the sun. Everything in the apartment is heated: the floor (you can freely walk in socks), walls and objects.

We can set any temperature in any room, because each panel has its own thermostat and this also saves a lot. Yes, I’m not even talking about buying fuel. As for the assembly of the panels, however, I can say that it was very professional and clean. When the masters left, we didn’t even know they were with us. And one more thing: the investment will pay off for us very quickly. As for the presentations of the operation of the system, it was very clearly professional and also very pleasant. We thank Mrs. Urška Sapač.



»Investing in heating panels was the best move my husband and I made after moving into a new penthouse apartment. In Brussels, where we live, the apartments are very poorly heated and also the insulation of the walls and ceilings is poor. Our annual cost before installing the infrared-panels, while it was always cold in the apartment, was around 4,000 € each year. So, with the pleasant warmth and the gorgeous undisturbing look of the infrared-panels on the ceiling, now my family enjoys the warmth. That is why I advise everyone to invest in heating panels as soon as possible. "

Worst of all, despite the heating on full mode, we could not “bring” the temperature in the apartment above 22 degrees, as everything was lost on 100 m2 through the ceiling into the environment. After we insulated the apartment and installed Sunlife infrared-panels, we felt great financial savings for the first year, as we did not have to pay almost anything for heating, except for the cost of electricity, which amounted to approx. 500 euros per year. This is nothing compared to 4,000 euros the year before.

We became spoiled and now every time we visit other friends we are freezing because it is not as pleasantly warm as at our place (thats normal, because everyone is saving on heating!) And we are looking forward to going home where it is pleasantly warm .


“At the beginning of January 2015, we decided to heat the house with Ekosen infrared-panels. Before that, we heated the bathroom and kitchen with infrared-panels for a year and found that this type of heating is cheaper than gas, and the warmth of the room is pleasant. We decided to heat the whole house with infrared-panels. We have a prefabricated house, which is middly well insulated, and after one year of heating with infrared-panels, we found that this type of heating is much cheaper than gas from the gas storage. "

120 square meters of living space in the house is heated by nine panels of 5.7 kW. In one year, we used 4,210 kWh of electricity, for which we paid 570 euros. The panels worked for good six months, heating automatically when needed. In 2014, we used 1,200 liters of Propane gas for such a period, which amounted to 1,250 euros together with the lease of the gas storage facility. The difference in costs is more than obvious. We have panels mounted in every room on the ceiling, which is the most ideal, so all rooms, even in the corners, are pleasantly warm, which was not the case with radiator heating.

Aleksandra Frantar | Ljubljana - Polje

“I have been using Sunlife infrared-panels for years and I am extremely happy with them. The house is warmer than it was before when we heated with fuel oil. Above all, I like that the floors are warm because whoever comes to visit doesn’t believe we don’t have underfloor heating. The heating of my house was halved from the previous 1,800 euros per heating season. Now I pay from 850 euros to a maximum of 900 euros per heating season. "

Jurij Bizjak | TRŽIČ

"I live in the vicinity of Tržič and I am heating the ground floor house with firewood, which is still a pleasure for me. However, with my 76 years, I am thinking about the near future when this will become a burden to me. I chose Ekosen because of their references, they offer the longest warranty, and quick installation, as the installers were ready to do the work even on Sunday. When I first turned on the panels, I couldn’t help but marvel at the pleasantness of that warmth. It's like being somewhere on the beach. "

In the coldest month of this winter, I tested infrared-heating. Firewood would burn 4 m3, at 65 EUR / m3, which would amount to 260 euros. Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done. Cleaning the stove every morning, applying firewood, taking care of heating during an absence… One-month heating with infrared-panels cost me 156 EUR, and I have 80 and 5 liters of water heater permanently connected. I must also say that the house is not insulated. Saving over 100 euros in a month for a retiree is not that small. In short, I am very pleased. Ekosen deserves all the praise with its extraordinary response, the organization of the installation (these guys do not leave any waste and garbage behind) and the interest in the well-being of the user even after. I highly recommend it.

Andreja Jelen | Brežice

“We heard about Sunlife heating panels years ago when we were looking for a suitable solution for heating a new house. After thorough advice and calculations prepared for us, we decided on Ekosen heating panels. This decision turned out to be a positive one, as the investment was at least 50% lower than other heating systems, and the installation was quick and professional. After a few seasons of use, we are very satisfied, as the cost of heating ranges from 650 to 750 euros per season. We are heating the house with 135 m2 of living space, but the house is still without thermal insulation (facade). "

Miro Mihec | ETIKA D.O.O.

“I have known electric heating for several years. Sunlife heating infrared-panels have been used by our family since the first models were introduced. We still have them and are supplementing them with newer ones. We are satisfied, the heat is pleasant, and our dog Kodi likes to lie in front of and under the Sunlife infrared-panels. "

Anabela Šoljič | Hotel Kras****, Postojna

"In hotel Kras ****, Postojna, in the heating season 2014/2015, we switched from a gas heating system to heating with infrared-technology. The reason was mainly the high cost of heating and not enough heat in our 250 m2 cafe and reception. We decided on the products and consulting of the company Ekosen and the Sunlife brand. Guests often ask us which heating system we have and praise its comfort. That is why we are happy to recommend Ekosen and the Sunlife system. "

We decided for the products and consulting of the company Ekosen and the Sunlife brand. We did not regret the decision. Despite the fact that it was the equipment of the entire hotel on the 4th floor, the installation was carried out flawlessly and in a few days, professional advice, heating savings of at least 70% and in our cafe is now incomparably warmer and more pleasant, maintenance is very simple, and above all, the heating system is quite simple.


Guests often ask us which heating system we have and praise its comfort. That is why we are happy to recommend Ekosen and the Sunlife system, and we will also install it in some of our other facilities / hotels within the Epic Eco Hotel Group.

Marjana Amon | Rimske toplice

“I am happy to be warmed up by Sunlife heating panels. The heat is everywhere, no work, maintenance, stench, and there is a pleasant warmth. You can set the temperature for each room separately. Consumption is extremely low, so I no longer need to save, as with heating oil. Heating, especially suitable for the elderly. The older you are, the better for you. I have been happy and satisfied for several winters. "

Miran Stanovnik |

"Like most laymen, I got familiar IR heating with the help of IR panels at the fair in Ljubljana. At first glance, the matter seems alluring and pleasing. Later, however, additional benefits emerge. The heat is really nice, the objects in the room are pleasantly warm, the thing works noiselessly. Which is of course very important, at the end of the heating season we see that the bill for energy consumed is lower. Jupppi! ”

The installation itself is very simple and a little more technically skilled users, following the instructions, can do it themselves. The appearance is unobtrusive and does not burden our work or living environment, which was very important to me as we live in a small apartment. The real satisfaction with the new acquisition, however, comes when the panels start working.


“After installing the IR panels, the look of the space is wonderful, there is practically an imperceptible way of heating that you can just feel. The temperature in the whole room is the same, both on the floor and the ceiling. There are no more traces of moisture or mold in the room, and the feeling of the IR panels working is very pleasant, which is also noticed by customers when they enter the room. "

Angelina in Roman Premdehar | Ptuj

“Years ago, my husband and I first became acquainted with IR panels. I was immediately impressed by the fact that the feeling of warmth is equal to the heat of the sun. I sought contact with the responsible expert of the company Ekosen, who visited us at home and thoroughly checked all the conditions. Let me say that the installation of the panels not only met, but exceeded our expectations. Let the sun warm you outside and inside your home or workplace ... I sincerely and wholeheartedly recommend it. ”

We are also grateful for the advice to install a slightly larger one than would otherwise be required by the square footage of the apartment, which undoubtedly pays off, as the house is old built and does not have the best insulation. I am especially grateful that he advised us to set the thermostat a little higher for a few days, because first the walls, ceiling, floor, furniture must be heated… and it is logical that if we heated the pot with water at too low a temperature, it would never boil. Similarly, it would be in space heating. Let me say that we installed the panels quite late in the winter and the coldest period of the winter followed. Nevertheless, it was pleasantly warm and what is particularly impressive, this feeling can not be compared with previous radiators, as this type of heat is completely different. It is more like the feeling of a pottery kiln. I do my homework myself, sitting at my computer for hours and hours, and I’m grateful to have a pleasant warmth in my back. Frequent pain in my shoulders and neck decreased due to prolonged rigid sitting work. I admit that we were a little scared to expect the electricity bill, but it was a maximum of 40 euros a month higher than before, so significantly less than we had previously contributed for fuel oil in a shared, two-apartment house. It is a large room and a small kitchen. I don’t know the square footage at the moment, the heating cost has definitely been reduced by at least 40%. Let me add that. On days when the outside temperature rose, we were constantly watching when the heating would turn on, we already thought something was wrong, so heated objects had a really long-term effect, we lowered the level on the thermostat and so of course we were happy to find out that the “figures” on the payment slips were soon falling. We are really grateful for the really professional advice (by the way, we installed them according to the instructions ourselves with a friend, no problem. If you do not know the basic knowledge of installation, you should leave it to the experts). Anyone who wants to and is not too far away to Ptuj is welcome, of course during the heating season, to see for themselves. We are also happy to share our own experiences by phone or e-mail.

Darja in Sergej Konte | Ljubljana

“I decided on IR heating after a long research on heating systems. I was impressed with the low price compared to other systems, the healing and beneficial effects of infrared heating and that there is no maintenance. My advice to all new builders and all who are thinking about a cheaper way to heat your apartment. Investigate all the facts about infrared heating and find out from people who already have it. It is important to decide where to buy IR panels, as a reliable company also differs in how it reacts when you have a problem. Thank you to Ekosen for your kindness. "

We opted for IR panels because our house is not insulated and is quite damp. Panels are recommended in damp rooms, as they “heat” the walls and thus reduce the level of humidity in the rooms. We obtained offers from various providers and in the end decided on the company Ekosen. The extremely professional approach of the employees in this company, their friendliness and responsiveness, were the reasons for our choice. Their consultant performed a measurement of the rooms and advised us on the choice of the power of the panels and their number. In a very short time, the fitter even took us out on Sunday, as we didn’t have time during the week. All praise to both for their kindness, all the explanation and exceptional professionalism. We pay an additional 120 euros per month for heating the house instead of the previous 400 euros or more. The entire investment was covered in a maximum of 2 heating seasons, only with the difference in energy consumption.

Ivan Hribaršek | Velenje

“I decided on IR heating after a long research on heating systems. I was impressed with the low price compared to other systems, the healing and beneficial effects of infrared heating and that there is no maintenance. My advice to all new builders and all who are thinking about a cheaper way to heat your apartment. Investigate all the facts about infrared heating and find out from people who already have it. It is important to decide where to buy IR panels, as a reliable company also differs in how it reacts when you have a problem. Thank you to Ekosen for your kindness. "

Since I have had oil-fired central heating so far, I am pleased that from now on I will not have to pay every year for a chimney sweep to clean the chimney, as well as a burner repairman, and that my house will not smell of heating oil the next day. pouring into the tank. I started researching which company to order panels from. I opted for Ekosen d.o.o. I arranged for the current payment of electricity, according to the actual situation. It is true that I did not manage my electricity consumption exactly, but I can say with certainty that I paid less for all consumption together than for heating oil in previous years.

Mark Per | Tržič

“Years ago, I bought an apartment in an older house, where heating was arranged in only one room. While renovating the apartment, I was looking for the most optimal heating solution possible, so I found Sunlife IR panels on the Internet, which immediately impressed me. Then I saw them at the fair in Ljubljana and with a colleague who had already bought and used them. What convinced me to buy? Low investment costs and energy consumption, very pleasant heat they emit, easy temperature control with thermostats and a nice, unobtrusive appearance. In addition, they do not pose any obstacles in the space (such as radiators and pipes), so the furnishing of the apartment (especially the smaller one) is significant and easier to achieve according to our wishes. "

Frizerski salon MILENA | Radizel

“We first got acquainted with Sunlife infrared panels at Europark years ago, where the presentation took place. We were convinced by the advantages of this method of heating and so we equipped our hair salon, which is 60 m2, with panels. The annual cost of heating the salon is only 350 euros. We can only say that we are very pleased with the heating of the salon. We feel as if we are outside and the sun is warming us with a pleasant warmth. In addition, the panels do not create any noise and odor and there is no feeling of dry air. The interesting thing about infrared panels is that they are mounted on the ceiling, which improves the functionality of the salon. We recommend Sunlife IR panels to everyone who wants to save on investment and heating costs and at the same time feel the pleasant warmth. "

Aleš Švab | Tržič

“We first met with IR panels years ago, when we were looking for cheaper heating in our company. Until then, we had oil-fired central heating. On the recommendation of a relative, we at Ekosen d.o.o. ordered measurements and calculation of costs incurred by IR-heating. The calculations were favorable. IR-panels and the company Ekosen d.o.o. without a guilty conscience, I recommend it to friends and those who are encountering this type of heating for the first time. "

We agreed to purchase and install IR panels in half of the business premises with the possibility of repurchase. The following year, after the actual calculation of energy consumption, we found that the heating costs were even slightly lower than the informative calculation. We decided to equip even more rooms in our company with IR panels. We also installed IR panels for reheating at home, where they maintain the temperature in our apartment during the time when we are not there. IR-panels and the company Ekosen d.o.o. without a guilty conscience I recommend to friends.

Miro Bezjak | Ormož

“In 2011, I replaced the classic oil-fired central heating with Sunlife IR-heating panels (Ekosen d.o.o.). After one season of use, we were already positively surprised and very satisfied. Installation of panels is (very easy) on the ceiling, where they are practically invisible, no disturbing radiators under the windows! So far no downsides. Very satisfied and I recommend! "


“Years ago, we had problems with moisture on the north side of the house, so we searched the web for a suitable solution. We found an ad from the company Ekosen. We installed two panels in the critical space and tested them for almost two years. Already in the first year we got rid of the humidity, the temperature in the room was constant and the feeling was pleasant. Based on the findings, we decided to install IR heating throughout the house. I warmly recommend IR heating to anyone who intends to replace the heating in the future. Above all, I recommend installing Sun Sun IR regulators next to them, as they save even more with them. "


“We decided on IR panels on the recommendation of your satisfied user. We made contact via a toll-free number. After that call, everything was glass like grease. The main reason is financial, as we used to have liquefied gas heating. The feeling is very pleasant now. There is even heat throughout the room. We bought IR panels and regulators from Ekosen. Their experts also took care of the installation. I have to commend them for the fact that they carried out the installation and put everything away. "


"When adapting an old-town apartment, where there was no primary heating at all until then, my partner and I decided to heat with IR panels for two reasons - due to the lowest investment and minimal intervention in the apartment. The rooms are warm very soon after we turn on the panels, despite the large square footage. We also like that there are heated objects in the room. We bought the IR panels from Ekosen. Of course, and I already recommend them to anyone who decides to implement basic or additional heating in business or residential units. "


“We came up with the solution with IR panels by accident, as we had been heating with air conditioning until then. Our three children often caught a cold due to the climate, as it was blowing all the time. At the same time, the cost of electricity consumption was very high, which was already starting the family budget. Now that we heat up with IR panels, the temperature in the room is even, which I really like, and my legs are no longer cold. Oh, and I must not forget that we have significantly reduced the cost of electricity consumption due to IR panels, by at least 40%. This is more than welcome for our family of five. "


"I decided on IR heating because this is the heating of the future, IR panels are very economical. As a user of these panels, I have no worries other than setting a comfortable temperature on the controller. At first it felt weird as we were used to firewood. Later, however, I felt a pleasant temperature throughout the room evenly distributed. I bought the panels through Ekosen. I was very pleased with the seller, as he explained to me the operation of the IR panels and measured the apartment, and with this information I chose the most suitable panels in terms of strength and shape. "


“In 2011 we moved to a bigger apartment where we pay rent. Heating was arranged with central heating. In the entire heating season, we spent approx. 1200 euros, even though we had the radiators closed in the morning. In the coldest months, heating cost 330 euros a month. Since the cost seemed huge to us, and we still had to pay attention to consumption, we decided to change the heating. We are very satisfied with the panels, as the annual cost of heating has decreased by approx. 600 euros, of course, with the apartment being pleasantly warm 24 hours a day. Thanks to the Ekosen team! ”

After much deliberation, we decided on IR heating. Among several providers on the Internet, we decided on the company Ekosen from Maribor, as they have a free presentation and advice. Their representative visited us and introduced us to the panels and their operation. Since we really liked the heat of the IR panels, we decided to install them without hesitation. Their advisor arranged all the necessary documentation for us and as soon as they had free installers, it was our turn to assemble. In eight hours, the entire assembly of six panels was carried out. The fitter was very friendly and took great care of cleanliness. We are very pleased with the panels, as the annual cost of heating has decreased significantly.