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Infrared heating panels – everything you need to know about the modern and healthy way of heating

In the last 60 years, development has focused mainly on fossil fuels, which are becoming increasingly expensive. Today, however, there is a technology that effectively converts renewable electricity into heat and is suitable for personal and business use, in apartments and houses. The infrared heating system is suitable for all types of buildings, especially as the main or for additional heating.

At Ekosen, we provide a comprehensive service for infrared heating, from professional advice to sales and quality installation throughout Slovenia. We offer you high quality infrared heating panels with a 12-year warranty. We are also educating and developing all the way through. We are the leading company in the field of infrared heating in Slovenia and Croatia with the highest Gold Rating Excellence AAA.

What does the acronym IR even mean?

IR means infrared. Infrared light is part of the invisible light spectrum and has several subtypes. It refers to one of the natural forms of heat transfer that accompanies us every day. In a certain form, it is transmitted and received by you and your surroundings at any time. The Earth receives huge amounts of heat from the Sun every day exclusively through various forms of infraredwaves. The sun also emits a number of other electromagnetic waves, but some, unlike infrared waves, are even harmful, e.g. UV rays. infrared heating panels do not have these harmful rays.

Influence of infrared (IR) rays on health

The belief that infrared panels have harmful radiation is NOT true. Quite the opposite. Infrared rays are a well-researched area and have a very beneficial effect on our body. They have been used in Chinese medicine for over 3000 years. Infrared heat is actually the most natural heat. This fact is further confirmed by the information that infrared heat is present in the use of bread ovens, clay kilns and open fires. This type of heating has also been used in healthcare for decades – e.g. when using incubators that maintain healthy heat for newborns in maternity hospitals and are often equipped with infrared heating systems. It is also used for therapies for muscle pain, various allergies, arthritis, etc.

In addition to the good effect of infrared rays on our health, it also has a beneficial effect on the operation of infraredpanels, which provide clean and fresh air in the room, which further contributes to better well-being and comfort. The reason is, among other things, reduced dust formation. Our customers were also convinced of the good impact on health.

How do infrared heating panels work? Ekosen

"The youngest son always had problems with various forms of bronchitis, after moving in he no longer had these problems."

Installation and required power of infrared heating panels

Installation required to install infrared heating panels

In our company Ekosen, the installation is performed by professionally trained installers who use the best tools and installation materials. This avoids unnecessary stress during the process itself, as well as the duration of the installation.

If you are afraid of dirt after installation, we can take away your fear, as our installers leave behind a tidy environment and restore the condition of the building (they also perform puttying…).

In principle, an installation intended for luminaires is not sufficient. Otherwise, there are certain cases where the light installation can also be used. Electricity is usually derived from an existing installation, as infrared panels do not require much power. In cases where higher panel powers are required, electricity is drawn directly from the cabinet. Installation is thus very affordable and easy. If we compare: e.g. installation for a heat pump for a house of 140 m2, where the complete installation costs up to 13,000 €, while the installation for infrared panels for the same area costs approx. 5,000 € for approximately 11 panels and 7 IR Sun WiFi smart regulators with professional installation.

Ekosen develops and manufactures their own infrared heating panels

»We are very satisfied with the installation of the panels, as they are mounted without visible interference on the walls. All installation takes place under the surface of the walls, without visible channels. Friendly installers are technically well-versed so they do the job professionally and accurately. We have been using the infrared heating system for several years. Our guests are very happy, the feeling in the apartments is the same as pampering yourself on the sun terrace. In addition, we saved as much as 60% on electricity consumption. "

Calculation of power of infrared heating panels

We should not neglect the importance of installing an infrared heating panel. This must be mounted in the right place (in most cases it is recommended to install it on the ceiling) and have enough power. Due to insufficient power, consumption may be higher.

The comparison of consumption for an average large house of 140 m2 is approx. 400 € per year. The reason for the low consumption is also the operating time of the panels, which due to the adjusted operation is only 3-4 hours a day. On average, an insulated apartment, about 50 m2 in size, needs a total panel power of about 3000 W. For a medium-insulated apartment, approximately 2,160 kilowatt hours (kWh) are used annually, which means 259 € per heating season. Thus, compared to oil furnaces, the savings are as much as 50% or even up to 60%. In addition, the remaining heating methods must take into account maintenance costs, e.g. chimney sweep services, etc.

For the approximate calculation of the required power of the panels, the rule is that we need about 65 W (average insulation) for one square meter of space. Due to the even distribution of heat, we also follow the rule that it is always better to put more panels of lower power in the room than fewer panels of higher power.

The required strengths of the panels are different for each room (and the purpose of use) and also depend on specific parameters such as: quality of insulation, windows, room humidity, desired temperatures, panel positions, heat loss and of course the purpose of the room.

Prior to installation, the energy calculation of the building is therefore mandatory. Based on this, the strength of the infrared heating panel and the location of the installation are determined. The energy calculation is performed by infrared heating specialists who are qualified for this. We do not recommend self-installation, as various errors can occur, which later manifest themselves in the form of higher consumption or non-functionally heated space.

How do infrared heating panels work?

Are you burdened by dry air, mold, humidity, accumulation of dust in your home?

With the help of infraredtechnology, you will eliminate humidity and mold, reduce the formation of dust and thus alleviate respiratory diseases, including muscle and joint pain. This innovative and natural heating system is healthy and suitable for everyone, especially for those who sit a lot or are older, as it increases the body’s energy.

The principle of operation of infrared heating panels is similar to the operation of the Sun, the Earth receives heat from the Sun through various infrared waves. infrared heat surrounds us every day and is the most natural heat. infrared heating does not heat the air, but heat is absorbed into walls, floors and objects. As a result, the warmer surfaces also heat the air, but do not raise dust (as the temperature is approximately the same throughout the room) and does not dry out the air.

Regular heating compared to infrared heating - Ekosen

The Ekosen infrared heating panels convert almost 100% of electricity into heat, which should clearly tell you that there are no losses. Most of the energy is transferred to the space through, humans and animals, the most natural forms of heat. The remaining heat is transferred to the objects with which the infrared panel is in contact with. Objects absorb the energy through infrared waves and emit it back in the form of heat, which is transferred partly to the air, partly to objects and partly back to the surroundings. So infrared waves do not heat the air directly, as usual heating methods, but mainly heat things in their immediate vicinity – floors, walls, objects, liquid and living beings, which in a natural and healthy way emit heat to the environment and heat space and air evenly. As a result, the temperature is the same throughout the room and there is no feeling of e.g. coldness under the table, as it is usual with ordinary heating, where air circulates. The heating infrared panel turns your space into one big low temperature radiator. This is a key feature of infrared heating, which leads to many other advantages, which we will present below. In fact, we can say that infrared heating is a more natural and healthy way of heating compared to convection. Natural because it mimics the natural heating cycle, and healthy because there is less air swirling and proper humidity is maintained.

The exceptional efficiency of infrared panels can be further increased by using a special, unique thermo-ceramic coating THERMOSUN. The coating contains thermo-ceramic balls, which repel heat from the wall faster. Namely, infrared panels heat only the upper surface of the wall and the coating thus contributes to even faster space heating and consequently saves even more. In addition, with very damp and cold walls, it helps prevent the appearance of mold. It can also be used for painting purposes, when the panel has been in use for several years, it is simply refreshed by painting it and it is like new again.

IR SUN WiFi regulator

The IR Sun WiFi regulator is adapted for infrared panels and is suitable for all generations due to its ease of use and clarity. The main screen shows basic information about the set room temperature, the actual room temperature and the heating functions included. You can monitor the power of your infrared heating system.

You will be able to check how much energy you have devoted to heating your space. The IR regulator has an advanced algorithm that calculates the required space heating. Most classic thermostats have a hysteresis of +/– 0.5 ° C. This means that when e.g. we set the heating temperature to 22 ° C, the thermostat switches off the heating only when the room temperature reaches 22.5 ° C. We unnecessarily heated the room by 0.5 ° C more than we wanted, resulting in higher electricity consumption than in classic thermostats. The IR Sun WiFi regulator does not have this fluctuation, so with this regulator the consumption can be further reduced by around 25%. In the case of high ceilings up to 30%. Detects higher outdoor temperatures e.g. the Sun, which heats the interior space and on this basis immediately reduces the heating power. Its advantage is also that it warns you of high consumption and improper ventilation.

IR SUN mobile application

The application optimizes your infrared heating system. It is compatible with a smartphone (Android or iOS). With the app you can always check the electricity consumption for heating, change the settings or set the desired temperature.

The application allows you to view the electricity consumption, for each regulator separately or for the entire heating system. In the library you can create and save heating schedules for a building or an individual room. The IRSUN app will be your favorite app as it will make sure your apartment is always warm when you return home.

With its help, you can change settings in one go of the entire Ekosen infrared heating system or individual infrared heating elements. The infrared heating system can be operated by several users to whom you give permission via e-mail.

Heating only one space and dividing the investment

Looking at the whole picture, we recommend investing in infrared panels that will serve as the main heating in your house or apartment and not just as additional heating. Why? The reason is that infrared panels support interoperability. That is, a panel installed in the living room will heat the walls of the living room and an infrared panel in the adjoining room e.g. in the bedroom will heat the walls of the bedroom. As a result, the panels switch off consistently and operate for less time, consuming less energy. Namely, it often happens that customers decide to heat with panels in one room, they open windows and doors in this space and thus the consumption is higher, because the power emitted by the panel is too small. In such a case, we advise you to split the investment. This means that you equip the rooms with infrared heating panels gradually and according to your wishes.

IR Sun regulator, regular vs. infrared heating Ekosen

Advantages of the panels

Save up to - 60% with heating costs.

Sunlife infrared heating panels save up to - 60% on heating costs. With the IR sun regulator we save additionally up to - 30%. The price of electricity is stable for a long time, which saves extra.

Environmentally friendly, green energy.

Environmentally friendly, green energy: we get electricity from the environment. Ecological product: due to its low weight, much less energy is used in production and recycling compared to conventional heating systems.

Professional advice and the right choice of products.

Sunlife infrared heatingg panels are sold by licensed infrared heating specialists, who provide professional advice and the right choice of products, as well as full support during and after the purchase.

Seamless operation of your heating system.

Sunlife infrared panels ensure a comfortable stay and well-being, and are environmentally friendly. Ensure smooth operation of your heating system and lasting satisfaction.

Installation is easy.

Installation is easy, without much interference into space. Installation is performed only by licensed installers who install infrared heating panels aesthetically and optimally in each room separately.

Almost invisible in space.

Due to its shape and color, infrared heating panels are almost invisible in the room, but they can be a beautiful detail in the room that brightens the atmosphere.

Best energy efficiency.

90% of them are mounted on the ceiling. However, the possibilities of using space are different: you can also use them as a picture, mirror or board.

They achieve a long lifespan.

Infrared heating panels have no moving parts, so no maintenance is required, and at the same time they achieve a long service life. They also extend the life of the building.

Where can we use Ekosen infrared heating panels SUNLIFE heating system

Infrared heating is the most economical and comfortable heating solution in almost all situations. Regardless of the complexity or shape of the room, experienced infrared heating specialists can create the ideal thermal comfort with the right choice of product and its installation, at very low heating costs. It is a mistake to believe that the use of infrared panels is not the best solution in some rooms due to properties such as: low ceiling, poor insulation, poor electrical wiring, humidity, large windows… The use of infrared panels for heating is in practice unlimited. You can also use the panels for additional heating, but in no case do we recommend using them for additional heating only. Let’s take a look at some use cases below.

Ekosen infrared heating panels in living areas

Infrared heating panels of the Ekosen heating system can be installed anywhere: in the children's room, living room, dining room, bathroom, holiday rooms, motorhomes, living containers, in short, wherever we want to achieve a warm and pleasant living climate with little money.

Due to the wide range of shapes, colors and weights, the infrared heating panels of the Ekosen heating system fit perfectly into any room, both ceiling and wall.

Infrared heating panels can be used in every room of a house and heat evenly and pleasantly

Ekosen infrared heating panels in offices

The infrared heating panels of the Ekosen heating system are easily installed on the suspended ceiling in offices, just like in homes. The working climate becomes significantly better as air swirling is reduced, air is maintained at normal humidity, moisture condensation is reduced, and lack of heat becomes a thing of the past.

Heating can be zonically adjusted to suit the different needs of employees. In addition, due to the excellent responsiveness, greater drops in temperatures overnight are possible, and thus additional savings. You can also manage each office separately and have costs up to a cent precisely determined, in addition, you can improve the “mutual – climate” of the team by zoning.

Ekosen infrared heating panels in healthcare - health center, hospital ...

Heating with infrared heat is becoming increasingly popular in hospitals precisely because of its hygienic and health benefits. The heating bodies do not generate air currents that carry microorganisms and can be easily cleaned. Another thing that counts is that they do not dry out the air, which is appreciated by patients with respiratory diseases. Infrared waves have been used for decades for special medical and therapeutic purposes.

Ekosen infrared heating panels in saunas and for hot yoga

You can also make a sauna with the help of infrared panels from the Ekosen heating system. infraredsaunas are becoming more and more popular because they can also be visited by people who do not tolerate high temperatures. With the help of infraredsaunas, we achieve many positive effects on the body, and some are still being discovered by science.

We can turn any room into a sauna if we equip it with enough power. Therefore, a smaller space is usually taken, up to 3 m2, which is equipped with about 300 W / m2, which in this case would be 900 W. The optimal temperature in infrared panel saunas is from 35 oC to 42 oC. The cost of a one-hour sauna is only 0.12 €. Also, infrared heating panels are suitable for centers where hot yoga is performed.

Ekosen infrared heating panels in agriculture

Ekosen heating system infrared heating panels have a beneficial effect on plant growth and animal welfare in barns and other areas. infrared heating is very useful in animal breeding, because just like humans, they are positively affected by infrared heat, and the number of diseases is reduced due to less dust circulation. In addition, energy consumption for heating animals is much lower.

Ekosen infrared heating panels in production

With infrared heating of production halls, we can achieve great savings and excellent thermal comfort of employees. The property of infrared heating is that it creates uniform temperatures even in high buildings and thus we have additional savings. Additionally, it is possible to create thermal zones where it is evenly warm.

So we don’t heat the whole space if we don’t need it. infrared heating is also characterized by high responsiveness, lack of maintenance, low consumption and is therefore a recognized method of heating in many industrial and other halls around the world. As the only way, it is suitable in buildings such as: shipyards, aircraft production or large warehouses.

Ekosen infrared heating panels in construction - for drying

With infrared heating panels, drying is a friendly process and is also suitable for more sensitive surfaces and objects, such as older works of art made of wood, paintings, etc. The drying system with infrared panels of the Ekosen heating system, in addition to ecological acceptability and trouble-free operation, also excels in speed, as it is one of the fastest drying systems. Concrete surfaces are usually dry within 48 to 72 hours, and wooden surfaces within 24 to 48 hours.

Types of Ekosen SUNLIFE infrared heating panels

Heating with infrared heating panels Ekosen SUNLIFE brings you up to – 60% lower costs. We offer you high quality heating infrared heating panels and up to 15 years warranty. We are the leading company in the field of infrared heating in Slovenia and Croatia.


Infrared heating panel SUNLIFE ONE

It is distinguished by its beautiful design and quality materials. It is a professionally tested, quality and properly certified product. We mount it on the ceiling so that it is invisible and thus ensure the best use of heat.

Infrared heating with SUNLIFE ONE panel is especially suitable for the main heating of living and working spaces. Suitable for houses, apartments, weekend houses, offices, health centers, hospitals and also for motorhomes or boats.

It is white, has no frame, is thin and therefore less noticeable. Suitable for buildings with a ceiling height of up to 3.2 m with a classic thermostat and up to a height of 3.8 m with an IR Sun WiFi regulator.

Installation is easy, without much interference into space. 90% of them are mounted on the ceiling, as this ensures the best energy efficiency. As a picture, we mount it on the wall. Installation is performed only by licensed installers who install infrared heating panels aesthetically and optimally in each room separately. Due to the adjusted dimensions, the 300 W and 700 W panels can also be mounted in Armstrong ceilings.

Infrared heating panel SUNLIFE PREMIUM

Is a quality panel. Intended for main heating, it is professionally verified and properly certified. Suitable for houses, apartments, cottages, protocol rooms, hotels, offices, damp rooms… They can also be used to heat rooms for animals, plants or to make a home sauna.

The panel is mounted mainly on the wall. We mount it on the ceiling only in the case of a concrete ceiling. For knauf ceilings, attach it directly to the profiles. They are suitable for any ambience and any building with a ceiling height of up to 3.2 m with classic thermostats and up to 3.8 m with IR Sun WiFi regulators.

New era of heating - The most convenient way of heating - Infrared heating panels Ekosen

Infrared heating panel SKY

It is light and suitable for extremely poor ceilings. The installation itself is not demanding. Sky panels are only low power (max. 500 W) due to the special manufacturing process, so more infrared panels on the ceiling are needed. The panels have a rough surface. In combination with the IR Sun WiFi regulator, they work an average of 4 and a half hours a day to maintain the desired temperature.

Infrared heating panel SUNLIFE PRESTIGE

They are intended for those who need more than just functionality. They are suitable for more modern architectural solutions and modern apartments or business premises. They are only suitable for wall mounting.
  • Infrared heating panel Sunlife MIRROR

    Is an infrared heated glass mirror that has a wide range of applications and fits nicely into any room. Your bathroom will always be warm and the mirror will never be foggy, or you will surprise your guests with a pleasant warmth in the hallway. The Sunlife MIRROR infrared panel can be used alone or in combination with other IR heaters and heating systems. We mount it on the wall. You also have the option of LED lights.

  • Infrared heating panel PREMIUM ART (infrared panel with a printed image)

    You can choose a frameless version of the Sunlife PREMIUM ART infrared panel on which an image or photo can be printed. It can be installed in the bedroom, hallway, staircase or living room as a detail that brightens up your space. You can use it to heat the apartment and heat the room with a unique decoration. You provide us with your motif, which we print on a panel. We also recommend it as a gift.

  • Sunlife TAG infrared heating panel (black or white board)

    The Sunlife TAG infrared panel is a heating board in black or white, on which you can draw or write with chalk. The unique design of the infrared heating board is suitable for ceilings as well as for the walls of the kitchen, children’s room and office, which is mounted on the wall. The front of the infrared panel is made of black and white glass, so they belong to a higher price range. You can write daily tasks on them or in any other way spice up their appearance. With IR Sunlife TAG no task will be forgotten.

Infrared heating panels for home and office - Infrared heating Ekosen

Infrared heating panel SUNLIFE SUN F

They have higher temperature infrared heating panels, which means they have higher power. They are intended for buildings that have higher ceilings or larger volumes of space, such as business premises, workshops, gyms and halls. They are also suitable for buildings with poor insulation and rooms that need to be heated quickly. Their use also works great for terraces and balconies.

They are beige in color and partially serrated on the front. These types of panels are an ideal solution for anyone who does not want dark-colored infrared panels. They are an excellent solution for apartments and houses with high ceilings, for old stone houses and for rooms with large square footage, as they heat up quickly and strongly. Like all other panels, these also dry moisture and mold and do not cause dust.

Infrared heating panel SUNLIFE VARMA

Sunlife VARMA heaters are the most suitable point bodies for outdoor and indoor use. You heat up exactly where you need it. They are extremely effective as they work with short infrared rays, so as if the Sun was shining.

Heaters are also resistant to moisture. They are best used: on the terraces of restaurants, factories, industrial halls, warehouses, tents, workplaces, construction sites, commercial buildings, markets, churches, basements, fitness centers, garages or in sports facilities.

How do we save with the Ekosen infrared heating system?

Infrared heating is very economical and the savings can be tremendous. If you currently heat with ordinary radiators, oil or liquefied gas, have an old natural gas or wood stove, you do not use all living space, then you will be able to save more than half of your annual amount for heating, provable user savings of up to 60 percent.

If you buy a unit in a new building or a new house, your savings can be even greater, as you can save up to 70 percent when investing in heating and other maintenance systems. All this is a calculable fact if we look at the total cost of ownership of heating systems, which includes maintenance, consumption, service life and investment.

Infrared heating panel satisfied users - Ekosen

"A heat pump would cost us 20,000 € - 22,000 € for a complete installation, while we deducted only 8,000 € for infrared heating panels, the rest we spent on photovoltaics (11 kWh)."

Infrared heating panels in combination with photovoltaics or solar cells

We do not sell solar cells in our company, but we are happy to recommend companies that deal with this. Why do we recommend investing in solar cells in combination with heating with infrared heating panels?

The reason is that photovoltaics allow you to be self-sufficient for the entire heating season. However, the rest of the electricity can be used for household use. In addition, the combination of photovoltaics and infrared heating panels is ideal, as the lifespan of photovoltaics and infrared heating panels is over 30 years and realistically the investment pays off the fastest. When will the investment pay off?

According to informative calculations we received from the contractors Gen-i, Petrol and Prosigma, the investment for a 5-kilowatt power plant pays off in about fifteen years, and the additional savings in a total of thirty years of operation is about 8,000 €.

Given the growth of prices in the last ten years and the current forecasts, further growth of electricity prices is expected. The average Slovenian household consumes about 5,000 kWh of electricity per year, and from this point of view the decision for a solar power plant is reasonable, as the household can produce all the necessary electricity on its own and ensure independence from rising market prices.

What is the approximate amount of investment?

For a house of about 110 m2 photovoltaics with a power of about 7 kW can be installed. In principle, about 5 kW is enough for an average size house. The amount of the investment depends mainly on the power of the power plant - with a power of around 5 kW, the amounts range between 8,000 € and 11,000 €.

In addition to the basic price of the contractor, VAT must be paid, which is 9.5%, but only if the power plant is on a residential building intended for permanent residence, and if the usable area of ​​the apartment does not exceed 250 m2 (for single-family buildings) or 120 m2 (multi-apartment buildings). Where solar cells are installed on a non-residential building (garage, shed, barn…), the building exceeds the stated square footage or it is a holiday building, the usual 22% tax rate applies.

Due to the above advantages, we reduce heating costs by up to 50 to 60% compared to heating oil and up to 20% compared to wood pellets.

The first self-sufficient apartment building has already been built in Radenci, which was also the first multi-apartment building of its kind in this part of Slovenia. We have equipped the building with infrared panels, which will provide residents with individually tailored heating. It is also equipped with photovoltaics. You can read the response of the residents below.

"Photovoltaic support in combination with infrared panels will be sufficient for all the needs and for household electricity use. Consumption is even lower than expected, and residents are very satisfied."

Comparison of infrared heating panels with a heat pump and electric convection radiators

The purpose of heating is to raise the average temperature in the room to such an extent that it provides us with appropriate living or working conditions. Of course, we are always interested in energy consumption, which in the first place depends on the heat loss of space and in the second place on the efficiency of the heating system. When we talk about efficiency, we need to measure the operation of the heating device in practical use, in terms of how many units of energy are needed to raise the temperature in the room to the desired. The latter is also highly dependent on system losses, responsiveness and energy efficiency in the room to raise the temperature.

The Myths about infrared heating - Temperature in the room is evenly distributed when heating with infrared heating panels

Take, for example, heating with a heat pump during the transition period (warm days and cold nights). In this case, the heat pump is in the basement and heats the room on the 2nd floor. The radiators are stocked and installed next to the window. A large loss of energy is quickly shown. Energy loss continues even when the appliance is not operating (during the day when it is warm) as energy is leaking from the heat storage. The story, of course, is different when heated with infrared heating panels. When we heat the room with infrared panels, all the energy is consumed in the room and only when we need it. If you’re wondering now, isn’t it the same if we heat with any electric heater? No, it’s not! Take a 2 kW iron as an example and try to heat the room with it. The difference is significant, which is due to the different way of transferring heat to the room, and this also shows the different energy consumption. The energy consumption is thus much higher than in the case of the wrong heating and to achieve the same temperature as compared to infrared panels. In the latter, energy consumption is significantly lower due to optimal heating and almost zero energy loss.

Infrared heating in circumstances such as living and working spaces brings less losses than any other electric heating. In infrared heating, energy is used extremely efficiently to raise the temperature, provided that the correct heating body is selected, the correct power and optimally installed. Namely, when infrared panels are not installed correctly, energy consumption can still rise. In order to avoid installation errors, our experts advise you and measure (calculate) heat losses in the apartment before installation. In practice, you will save more than 40% when used correctly, compared to an energy-saving electric radiator. When using classic electric radiators, you will almost certainly have problems with moisture, dust and thermal comfort. The reasons are excessive temperature differences between the walls and the air. The difference in the purchase price is thus more than repaid.

Asked if their customers had noticed any difference between the current infrared heating and the heating they had before, Jožef Kramberger, Ph.D. med. spec., replied:

“The difference is amazing, the best answer to such a question is: 'come and feel it!' The objects in the room are all equally warm, this gives us a feeling of natural warmth. There is no noticeable temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling, the floor is as warm as underfloor heating, and there is no smell of moisture in the room, because there is no mold on the wall. "

Infrared heating compared to other types of heating

The calculation of savings is of an informative nature and takes into account all costs: services, replacement of components, renovation and, of course, heating.

Our company operates on the basis of continuous education, development and ethical sales. So we are looking for solutions that are best for you and thus ensure mutual satisfaction.

Heating with infrared panels compared to other heating systems - Ekosen

For more information or an approximate calculation of savings contact us.