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INFRARED heating panels

Ekosen heating panels,
for industry

Infrared heating panel Sunlife Varma - Ekosen
Infrared panels for hospitality - Ekosen, infrared heating

Sunlife VARMA

Heating panels SUNLIFE VARMA are, among other things, also suitable for use in humid rooms - point INFRARED heating.

This model of INFRARED heating panels is best used: on the terraces of restaurants, factories, industrial halls, warehouses, tents, workplaces, construction sites, commercial buildings, markets, churches, basements, fitness centers, in garages, in sports facilities ...

Sunlife SUN F

The SUNLIFE PRO SUN F INFRARED heating panel is distinguished by its beautiful design and quality materials. It is a professionally tested and properly certified product. Sophisticated higher power INFRARED heating panel suitable for larger spaces.

SUNLIFE PRO SUN F infrared heating panels are white and partially serrated on the front. These types of panels are an ideal solution for anyone who does not want dark-colored INFRARED heating panels. They are an excellent solution for apartments and houses with high ceilings, for old stone houses and for large rooms, as they heat up quickly and strongly. Like all other panels, these also dry moisture and mold and do not cause dust. They are also useful for terraces and balconies.

Infrared heating panel Pro Sun F - Ekosen
Infrared panels for industry - Ekosen, infrared heating
Infrared heating panel 2in1 - Ekosen

Infrared heating panel 2in1

Infrared ceiling heating with built-in light is suitable for ceiling mounting. 2in1 - heat and light.


  • Surface: coated sheet metal

  • Protection mode: IP 65 (mains switch), IP 65 (fixed connection)

  • Light: 50-300 W (up to 32,400 Lumens)

  • Mounting: ceiling, height> 3m

  • Warranty: 5 years

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