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infrared heating panels

Pioneers in the field of infrared heating

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We are pioneers in the field of infrared heating

Ekosen d.o.o. is a fast-growing company in the field of infrared heating, which focuses its activities on innovation and human and nature-friendly entrepreneurship. We are developers and manufacturers of our own products and sales representatives for certain products, and we have already developed a number of established products and are developing new ones and expanding throughout Europe. We have also created a franchise model, looking for business partners for foreign markets and cooperating with various institutes and companies. We follow the latest eco trends, which we try to implement in our brands.

With our products we offer an alternative to energy saving. We are ecologically and people-oriented and as such we are looking to the future.

Ekosen director, Aleš Babič - Infrared heating panels
Infrared heating Sunlife One - Infrared panels Ekosen
Ekosen cares about the environment and you - Ekosen
Infrared heating panels Sunlife

Social responsibility

The company is committed to meeting the strictest eco-standards that are focused on man and nature. The company makes sure that its operations and products do not cause harm to the local and global environment, in fact the opposite.

The desire and ambition of the company is to contribute to the development of the region through its business and operations, and to get people used to healthier and ecologically oriented operations, both in business and private life.

Heating of the future.
Feel the Sun

Infrared heating panels, heating panels Ekosen

What does infrared even mean?

There are no other forms of electromagnetic waves that are also emitted by the Sun in the infrared-panels of the Ekosen heating system, except for infrared-C, which is a clean and pleasant heat. This form of waves is around us every day, even indoors, and we also emit it ourselves, and it is all around us (even if we are colder than the surroundings). infrared-heat has been the subject of many studies that have identified a number of positive health effects.

There are also heating panels that emit infrared-A and infrared-B wavelengths that are used for certain special purposes, such as outdoor heating. infrared technologies are used not only for heating, but also for scientific, medical, therapeutic, security, household, industrial and other purposes, so it is also a well-researched field.


The companys vision

Ekosen's desire is for the products offered by the company to become part of the everyday household and thus raise the overall level of quality of life.

In previous years, we opened salons in Slovenia and also in Croatia.

  • In the future, we want to expand sales in the field of infrared technology to as many countries in SE Europe and EU countries and become the most recognizable brand for infrared-heating in the EU.
  • We want to become a reference center of knowledge related to infrared heating in the areas where the company operates, and participate in the establishment of a research center for infrared technology.
  • The desire for the (near) future is also to become the largest provider of infrared heating in Europe. And expansion with a franchise business model.
Infrared heating Sunlife One - Infrared panels Ekosen

Development of Ekosen

  • 2002

    An idea for a book on cost rationalization came up.

  • 2008

    We have established a company -

    an advertising agency for eco products that benefit people and the nature, and a company that offers us the possibility of better marketing for less money.

  • 2009

    The owner and director of Ekosen, Aleš Babič, has published a book on cost rationalization entitled: "Why am I without money?"

  • 2010

    We imported the first infrared-panels to Slovenia and opened a consulting office and showroom in Maribor - Betnava.

  • 2011

    We signed an exclusive contract for Sunjoy infrared panels, which we marketed under our brand.

  • 2012

    - We tested several competing panels and researched the entire market of supply and sales in Europe.

    - We came up with the idea of the Ekosen franchise system.

    - We have produced a new energy-saving product - the revolutionary Thermosun paint, which is the best paint in the world among energy-saving paints and thermal insulation coatings.

    - We have developed a program to facilitate the work and for a faster response of field consultants.

    - We found a manufacturer who, according to our instructions, made a thermostat that measures temperature and electricity consumption at the same time.

  • 2013

    We made the first prototypes of infrared panels according to our ideas.

  • 2014

    - We tested our Sunlife ONE infrared panels and looked for a reliable manufacturer who manufactures the panels according to our plans and instructions.

    - We opened a consulting office and showroom in Ljubljana.

    - We have released an improved version of the book on cost rationalization entitled "Where is your money dissapearing to?"

    - We tested several competing panels and researched the entire global supply and sales market from China to America.

    - We opened a franchise store in Montenegro.

  • 2015

    - In the 2014 and 2015 seasons, we have already saved customers more than EUR 3,000,000.

    - We have started to reorganize our business so that we can offer our customers the highest level of services and products.

    - We have further enriched the sales program so that we can offer customers a solution for every situation.

    - We conducted in-depth licensing seminars for marketing and installation of our products so that customers can get the same level of service everywhere.

    - We have started to expand our business to Croatia.

    - We started developing new brands for business and home users.

    - We have connected with world-leading institutes and companies in the field of electricity and research, which will bring our customers even greater savings and convenience.

    - We started using loT to further rationalize costs.

    - Obtained the AAA Certificate of Excellence, which ranks our company among the 3.89% of the best legal entities in Slovenia.

    - We have connected the best and proven licensed contractors of electrical installations under the Ekosen electro group, so that we can offer turnkey implementation for a comprehensive service related to electricity.

  • 2017

    - We have developed the world's first infrared temperature regulator (IR Sun) adapted for infrared-heating panels. 

    - Opening of our company EKOSEN in Croatia and a new Ekosen showroom in Zagreb.

    - Acquired new partners in Austria, Ireland, Belgium and Malta.

    - We have exceeded the limit of 5,000+ equipped facilities in Slovenia with SUNLIFE infrared panels.

    - We have developed a new application for more accurate calculation of heat losses and more accurate monitoring of installations and consulting.

    - Due to the expansion and lack of space, we moved to larger premises in Robbova ulica in Ljubljana.

  • 2018

    - Subsidiary Ekosen d.o.o. in Croatia, we moved to a new, more beautiful premises in Zagreb.

    - Due to the expansion, at the end of March we moved from Maribor, Betnava to larger premises in Miklavž na Dravskem polje on Ptujska cesta 17, where the company Ekosen and the showroom are headquartered.

  • 2019

    - We exceeded the limit of 7,000+ equipped facilities in Slovenia with SUNLIFE infrared panels.

    - Due to the expansion and lack of space, we moved from Ljubljana to nearby Mengeš to larger premises on Gorenjska cesta 19.

    - We have obtained the AAA Gold Credit Excellence Certificate, which ranks us among the best legal entities in Slovenia.

    - We launched our new state-of-the-art Sunlife PREMIUM infrared panel, which is manufactured in Austria.

  • 2020

    - We have launched an upgrade of the IR Sun regulator - IR Sun WiFi regulator.

    - We opened a new Ekosen showroom in Koper.

  • 2021

    - We have exceeded the limit of 10,000+ facilities equipped with the Ekosen infrared heating system.

    - We have obtained the certificate - platinum rating of excellence AAA, which ranks us among the best legal entities in Slovenia.

    - In Croatia, we acquired our own premises in Zagreb for the company's headquarters and showroom

    - We launched our new infrared panels Sunlife One matt and our new product infrared Sun relay module. We have developed a new special low-temperature infrared-panel for heating tables on outdoor terraces Sunlife Table.


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